What Does Pureflight Do for Pilot Students?

Apr 25, 2022


The experience of flying a helicopter or airplane can open many doors and take you to unexpected places. Whatever your experience or goals as a pilot are, your journey as an aviator begins with flight school.


Getting your helicopter or pilot license requires a significant commitment of time and finances. Training can be demanding and requires a lot of hard work. So it’s important to thoroughly research flight training opportunities to find a school that best fits your goals, needs, and learning style.


Whether you want to fly professionally or for pleasure, Pureflight is an excellent example of what a Part 141 Flight School can provide to dedicated student pilots. Our team of experienced, highly qualified instructors and support crew provides customized training in fixed-wing and rotary aircraft to students of all skill levels from around the world. And our privately owned training facility, located in Chehalem Airpark in Newberg, Oregon, offers real-world flying experience in all types of conditions and terrains. Pureflight’s second location, based in Klamath Falls in southern Oregon, gives students the opportunity to fly in high-terrains and diverse settings.


Let’s break it down further.


pilot training in usa for international students


Preparing for Flight School with Pureflight


Selecting a flight school is an exciting step in becoming a helicopter or airplane pilot.


Pureflight has provided student pilots with outstanding aviation instruction for 40 years. We understand the better prepared you are for flight training, the more you’ll get out of the experience.


Our goal is to make flight training at Pureflight not only exceptional but enjoyable. That starts by making student resources convenient:


Flight Training Course Materials


Whether you are working towards your Private Pilot Certification, Instrument Rating, Commercial Pilot Rating, or Certified Flight Instructor Rating, each course requires essential training materials. Many are provided by the FAA for free.


Review our comprehensive lists of  training materials below to get started:


Helicopter Online Ground School


If helicopters are your passion, you can start on the path to becoming a helicopter pilot today. Helicopter Online Ground School lets you build required ground knowledge on your own and at your convenience – so you can entirely focus on your flight training with Pureflight when ready. Learn more about Helicopter Online Ground School.


Pilot Flight Essentials


Every pilot needs specific gear when they fly. Cockpit essentials include a high-quality headset, logbook, iPad for charts, and flight bag. Precision offers a Pilot Bundle Backpack of top-rated, instructor-recommended pilot gear to help launch your training as a pilot.


FAA Medical Certificate


The FAA requires that all pilots be healthy and meet specific medical standards to fly. An FAA Medical Certificate isn’t needed until you fly solo. However, it’s good to apply for and obtain your medical certificate before starting helicopter or airplane pilot training to avoid any potential issues.


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Attending Pureflight Flight School


Flight School Housing


Topflight schools attract both international student pilots and students from around the country in addition to local aviators.


Pureflight offers convenient, affordable student housing near the airport (subject to availability). Our six-bedroom farmhouse invites relaxation and networking with other pilots for a few days or months as you complete your training. We’re happy to help with other local housing suggestions as well. Contact us to learn more about housing.


Scholarships & Financing for Pilot Training


Training to become an airplane or helicopter pilot is a major financial commitment. As a Part 141 flight training facility, Pureflight offers exceptional instruction under the guidance of highly experienced instructors and staff.

We are transparent about the cost of becoming a pilot – and like to offer information and insights into how to make your flight training accessible. (Be sure to check out our Financial Aid for Flight School Guide.)


Keep in mind. Today’s money spent on pilot training is an investment in a future with great potential. Your career as a commercial pilot may quickly take off in an aviation industry currently experiencing a shortage of pilots.


Pilot Training for International Students


Foreign student pilots are welcomed at Pureflight. Our instructors have deep experience working with international students to help them meet their aviation goals at every skill level. We provide flexible, personalized pilot training to non-US citizens learning to fly, build hours, or improve flight skills.


The cost of flight training at Pureflight, including travel, is competitive and more affordable than in many countries for our international students. And FAA licenses are internationally recognized and accepted worldwide. Pureflight will also assist with helping to convert foreign pilot licenses to FAA-approved.


Learn more about how to secure a student visa and obtain TSA approval as a foreign flight student to pursue pilot training in the USA.


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Flight Training in Oregon


Attending flight school in Oregon comes with unique benefits. The state’s beauty and diversity offer a variety of exciting and memorable flight experiences – as well as things to do on your “off” days. From the stunning Oregon Coast to the magnificent Cascade Mountain range to the open skies of Eastern Oregon to southern Oregon’s scenic rivers, there’s so much to explore. Outdoor recreation is a way of life here. You’ll also find food, dining, sports, and entertainment in cities large and small, many within an easy driving distance of Pureflight’s training locations in Newberg and Klamath Falls, Oregon. Take a look at all the things to do in Oregon. It’s a great place to spend your pilot training!


Ready for Flight School? Contact Pureflight


Whether you’re interested in learning more about flight school or are ready to apply as a student pilot, our team is here to help. Contact Pureflight. You are on your way to becoming a pilot!