Why Pureflight?


​We are excited to announce that we have rebranded our company from Precision Aviation Training to Pureflight. This change reflects our commitment to providing our students with the purest form of aviation training possible.

We have been in business for over 40 years and have trained thousands of students. We are proud of our reputation for excellence and are confident that our new name will better reflect the high-quality custom goal-led training that we offer.

We know that change can be unsettling, but we want to assure our students that we are still the same company that they have come to know and trust. We are still committed to providing the best possible training and we are still here to help you achieve your aviation goals.

For every customer that walks in the door, we ask ourselves the same question. What must they accomplish here to be successful? We align ourselves with Domestic and International students of all skill levels, offering a tailor-fit training approach. Whether you’re a seasoned pilot or you’ve never flown before, we’re committed to helping you reach YOUR goals.

We would like to thank our students, instructors, and staff for their continued support. We look forward to continuing to serve you as Pureflight Aviation!


Established in 1983, Pureflight (formerly Precision Aviation Training) was one of the first all-inclusive Part 141 flight schools in the Western United States. Pureflight grew rapidly throughout the 1980s and purchased Chehalem Airpark in Newberg, Oregon in 1990, which allowed us to further grow and broaden our operations. The airpark became home to our expanded flight training academy, where we focused our efforts on providing students with the opportunity to learn to fly in real-world environments, under real-world conditions.


We Achieve That By…


Most students are not coming to us with the dream to train. That isn’t their end goal. Students are making an exciting career decision, looking forward to flying their family to some far-off location or adding a complicated skillset that will progress the career path they are already on. They want to live as a pilot.

And that is a life we live. We are a team of pilots, mechanics, gearheads, veterans, and logistics experts. Our pilots go on to do heavy lift operations, Christmas Tree harvesting, fire suppression, wine tours, heli-skiing, camera work. We work for/partner with heavy lift operators/industry leaders (Precision LLC, AAR, HTS). Our mission is that each student reaches their goal prepared.


Committed to excellence and the ability to provide the highest level of customized training, regardless of the student’s country of origin, we hold the
following authorizations:

  • Federal Aviation Authority Certificated 141 Flight School
  • US Immigration and Customs Enforcement M1 VISA Provider VIEW MORE
  • US Department of Homeland Security Alien Flight Student Program Provider VIEW MORE
  • Vocational Flight School approved to accept VA Education Benefits. FIND OUT MORE
  • Klamath Community College Aviation Science Degree contracted flight school provider; making student loans accessible and maximizing VA benefit utilization VIEW MORE

Each of these programs requires a vigorous application and yearly auditing process to ensure that we adhere to the highest standards and accountability.


Most of our training is done at our dedicated training facilities at Chehalem Airpark in Newberg. Nestled in the heart of Oregon wine country and in close proximity to Portland and the Coastal Mountain Range, this region offers the varied terrain and diverse training environments necessary for students to become well-rounded, versatile pilots. We believe the best flight training involves real-world environments and conditions, but introduce new pilots to these experiences in safe, controlled settings. We have our own private airfield, free of traffic but within easy distance to great training areas, instrument approaches and busy airspace (when required). This allows us the flexibility to safely train students in a variety of settings and under a range of conditions.

As students progress, we’re able to introduce them to more and more complex and challenging scenarios. Newberg facilities include a 2000’ runway, 5000 square feet of climate controlled well-lit hangar space with an additional 4,000 square feet of annex hangar space, quiet designated parking and grounds, 7 classrooms, BATD Airplane Simulator, and FAA Approved AKT testing center. In addition to our main base in Newberg, we also operate a satellite base in Klamath Falls at Kingsley Field, designation KLMT, where students can also train. Located in southern Oregon, Klamath Falls offers diverse terrain and exposes students to a high-density altitude (DA) environment for a good portion of the year.



Klamath Falls

Klamath Falls


We’re not beholden to suppliers or bound by specific assets. We have selected the right machines to train, just as we match up our instructors with the training requirement.

Safe, Simple and Reliable – We do not settle.

Our helicopter students learn to fly in a Guimbal Cabri G2, the safest and most modern training helicopter in the world. Designed to meet European safety standards, which are considered the toughest in the world, the Cabri G2 is constructed of composite materials, making it both lightweight and strong. It has a full instrument suite and flies quietly and smoothly. We also have Bell 206 and Airbus AS350 helicopters available for advanced training.

For airplane training, we use the Cessna 172, arguably the most proven training airplane in the world. Revered by students and experienced pilots alike, its stability, dependability, and robustness make it the ideal aircraft for training purposes. As technology advances with the 21 st Century, it is critical that we keep up. All of our 172’s no longer have the old vacuum systems and our Cessna 172’s have been updated with a modern Garmin avionics, autopilot and ADS-B in/out.

To complete the career airplane pilot path, we use a Piper Apache. It is a roomy airplane with a nice interior, redundancy of a second engine, retractable landing gear, 160hp engines, and constant speed propellers (both fully feathering) allow for great efficiency for a twin. This airplane is Eligible for Private, Instrument, Commercial, Multi-engine, Complex, and Airline Transport Pilot training.


With decades of experience training pilots of all skill levels at our facilities, we’ve developed a reputation as one of the top flight schools in the United States. Our team of expert pilots and instructors, paired with top-of-the-line aircraft and our individualized approach to flight training offers a truly unique learning experience.

Students benefit from our decades of industry experience and connections, gaining the skills and knowledge required to excel in a real-world environment and learning from some of the best pilots and instructors in the world.



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